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In short, we, as U.

AirRouter - Ubiquiti Networks Community

Secondly, unlike the 2. To expand on this, there are 24 non-shared channels available to hams on 3.


Next time, it will be the reverse polarity wart! I have Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN wall warts in my junk box, all with the same connector. In all four cases the output voltage is written in gray on black text about 2mm high.


The Ubiquiti stuff is inexpensive as well. They go up in price depending on what model and antenna combinations one choose.

Basically, no one can hear any other hams. Mesh works when there is something to mesh with. This is better than nothing but sort of defeats the purpose of Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN up an internet-independent network that can function even when the internet goes down.

Additionally work scheduling delayed my ability to work on the project and continuing rising tensions inside the group made me even less likely to want to work on code so yes I was indeed far less active these past years than I have been in Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN to protect my health skyrocking blood pressure every time I would see an email from them. I'll also note I was pushing for years to make the code review public for EVERYONE to see and comment on, I was repeatedly denied the permission by 'group vote' to publish the URL which I adhered to while at the same time core team members were discussing known security vulnerabilities with outside public not included in the security review without any reprimand Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN a bit of a 'double standard' internally was at play.

It wasn't untill just a couple weeks ago that I got the code review to start being more public. In addition over the years by their vote I have been denied the permission to discuss core issues like the AirOS firmware updater flaw with outside developres because the team was afraid it would tip off Ubiquiti and it would cut us off from the features we thought we Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN found. This all slows down Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN.


I do assert to being the creator of AREDN, Andre has been corrected on this more than once in private, including Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN Randy created the image I had to remind him him it was me letting him use the name for the physical logo. I chose the name because it was short and it had.

Acer Aspire 5542 LiteOn ModemWhere does this leave the project?
Data Expert EXP8551Re: want to add airRouter to connect internet to local aredn node

I offered them to buy 5 domains from me, my share of my rights in the AREDN tradename, and the copyright rights I own for any documents we collaborated on the AREDN website or any content I created solely by myself so they could continue running the website without having to do a data purge and without having to go through trademark litigation with the trademark office. Without these rights they have no legal right to publish large parts of the webiste they now run or use the AREDN phrase outside of Fair Use law they do have a right to the source code as Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN is available to the public as open source I've been on a few week break and was suppose to come back after Field Day debate just giving them the domain and stepping away to let the community benefit from them, or to work with them to do a smooth safe split i had promised them if we split we would work together or to possibly reevaluate working with them if i felt they had convinced me they had the user community at heart only to find they had secretly been doing all these actions in the backend, especially when we were in a period where we were trying to recover and see if we could be a single group that would work together to solve our differences and agree to continue working together and all the while they were secretly creating a corporation and registering trademarks.

The following changes have been made from our previous, v3.

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Data Rate Increase - Do the Air Routers get flashed with AREDN firmware?. AirRouter- Ubiquiti AirRouter AREDN 21, - ​Please also note that Port 4 on the AirRouter is only used for Device-to-Device (DtD) connections to another AREDN node. AirRouter port.

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