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Toshiba Satellite P840 touchscreen notebook

It's stylish, stocked with useful features, has sufficient power under the hood, and at 2. However, you have to contend with a heap of annoying software, some questionable build quality, and a very reflective screen. Specs and performance The components inside the Satellite P provide plenty of speed for everyday office tasks, video, and even some gaming. You could use this laptop to escape from reality with a not-too-intensive 3D game just as easily as you could use it to be productive throughout your day. Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep a CPU that suits a thinner laptop than the 29mm thick Satellite though, and this can be seen from the example laptops we've linked to.

It will run many games comfortably at the native resolution of the screen xbut with detail settings set to low or medium.

Where the Satellite P disappoints, Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep for a premium model, is in the storage department. Unlike many new laptops that make use of a dedicated solid state drive to boost boot time and performance, the Toshiba only has its 1TB, rpm hard drive.

This had little noticeable effect on the laptop during everyday usage it felt like Web browsers loaded just that little bit quicker but CrystalDiskMark did report a slight speed boost when the feature was enabled. With HDD Accelerator disabled, read and write rates of So much software It's worth noting that there is a lot of pre-loaded software on Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep laptop, and some of it just gets in the way of a good time.

Clickfree, in particular, popped up each time we plugged in an external device to ask if we would like to use it as a backup, and it also regularly reminded us to "start your free trial today". We also got messages from Norton Internet Security, Splashtop, and from Toshiba's own utilities for updates and further attention. It's the type of laptop you really need to sit down and streamline to Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep liking before you can really start to enjoy the computing experience.


Another mild annoyance for us was the overly-sensitive hard drive utility, which detected even the most minimal movement and alerted us that the drive had been stopped in order to be protected from damage. We disabled it, but we could have adjusted this sensitivity instead.

TOSHIBA Cannot wake up from sleep mode or shut down - Satellite Pro CE - TOSHIBA FORUM

Toshiba Desktop Assist includes some useful utilities, and it's where you can enable or disable the HDD Accelerator feature, among other features. The only useful pre-installed software, in our opinion, is Toshiba's Desktop Assist, which allows you to view system settings Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep change the way some things work such as swapping the Function key operations.

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It also allows you to easily create backup media for the laptop, to optical disc or USB. The pre-installed software loads in the background after you've booted, even though the system may seem ready while you're at the Windows 8 Start screen, and the system boots up quite slowly due to being Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep drive-based.

Toshiba Satellite Won't Power Up

It took 32sec Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep cold boot, which is slow. A system that has a hybrid solution consisting of a hard drive and a solid state cache drive such as the ASUS VivoBook SCfor example can cold boot in only 12sec.

Look and feel What's immediately striking about this 14in laptop is its metallic look. Toshiba has made this model stand out by giving it a silver finish, a bumpy texture and some chrome trimmings. For the most part, it works well without looking too flashy, and it's definitely a laptop for those of you who want something a little more interesting than a traditional design. The build quality Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep the base feels decent. There is minimal flex and it doesn't creak when you put pressure on it or move it around.


However, we can't say the same for the screen. It has edge-to-edge, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass that goes from the left to the right edge, but it doesn't extend all the way to the top and bottom edges, leaving scratch-prone areas. Additionally, when we flexed the screen, the glass could be seen coming away from the screen in the upper-left and right corners — and with Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep pressure, we also heard it unsticking. It feels like a flimsy design, and considering the price point of this notebook and its positioning as a premium model, it should be a lot sturdier. That said, we don't think it will fall apart; unless you actively put pressure on the screen a lot of the time, it will be fine.

The Gorilla Glass doesn't extend to Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep top of the screen.


The way it's attached could also leave it prone to separating from the screen if the screen is flexed -- which isn't likely to happen during Toshiba Satellite P840 Sleep regular operation of the laptop. Like many other Toshiba laptops we've seen, the screen on this model isn't great. Toshiba PBT2G22 User Manual: Toshiba Sleep Utility; Starting The Toshiba Sleep Utility; Usb Sleep And Charge. Satellite pbt2g Show thumbs. Toshiba Satellite PD Series Manual Online: Sleep And Music, Starting The Toshiba Sleep Utility.

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