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Your computer ships with the power management options preset to a configuration that will provide the most stable operating environment and optimum system performance for both AC power and battery modes. To conserve energy, your computer is set to enter the low-power Sleep Mode which shuts Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic the system and display within 15 minutes of inactivity in AC power mode. We recommend that you leave this and other energy saving features active, so that your computer will operate at its maximum energy efficiency. You can wake the computer from Sleep Mode by pressing the power button. That is equivalent to lighting million square feet of U. To ensure proper use of this product, please read this instruction manual carefully and retain for future reference. Should the unit ever require maintenance, contact an authorized service location.

To prevent direct exposure to the laser beam, do not try to open the enclosure.


Suojakoteloa si saa avata. However, certain precautions should be observed to further reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to thecomputer. Be certain to read the general precautions below and to note the cautions included in the text of the manual.

Toshiba U500 (PSU83A-00N00D) U500 (PSU5EA-00X012) U500 (PSU82A-01W00M) Manual

Providing adequate ventilation n Always make sure your computer and AC adaptor have adequate ventilation and protected from overheating when the power is turned on or when the AC adaptor is connected to a power outlet even if your computer is in Sleep Mode. In this condition, observe the following: Using your computer on a carpet or a soft material can block the vents. Creating a computer-friendly e n v i r o n m e n t Place the computer on Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic flat surface that is large enough for the computer and any other items you are using, such as a printer. Leave enough space around the computer and other equipment to provide adequate ventilation.


Otherwise, they may overheat. To keep your computer in prime operating condition, protect your work area from: It contains Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic on the prevention of stress injuries to your hands and wrists that can be caused by extensive keyboard use. Heat injury n Avoid prolonged physical contact with the computer. If the computer is used for long periods, its surface can become very warm.


While the temperature will not feel hot to the touch, if you maintain physical contact Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic the computer for a long time, for example if you rest the computer on your lap or if you keep your hands on the palm rest, your skin might suffer a low-heat injury. If you need to transport the AC adaptor, you should disconnect it and let it cool before moving it. ExpressCard overheating Some ExpressCards can become hot during prolonged use which may result in errors or instability in the operation of the device in question. In addition, you should also be careful when you remove a PC or ExpressCard that has been used for a long time.

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Mobile phones Please be aware that the use of mobile phones can interfere with the audio system. The operation of the computer will not be impaired in any way, but it is recommended that a minimum distance of 30cm is maintained between the computer and a mobile phone that is in use. Instruction Manual for Safety a n d C o m f o r t All important information on the safe and proper use of this computer is described in the Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort. Be sure to read it before using the computer.

This powerful notebook computer provides excellent expansion capability, including multimedia devices, and it is designed to provide years of reliable, high-performance computing. It also provides detailed information on configuring your computer, basic operations and care, using optional devices and troubleshooting. Then read Getting Started for step-by-step instructions on setting up your computer. If you are an experienced computer user, please continue reading the preface to learn how this manual is organized, then become acquainted with this manual by browsing through its pages. Be sure to look over the Specifications section of the Introduction, to learn about features that are uncommon or unique to the computer. If you are going to install PC Cards or connect external devices such as a monitor, be sure to read Chapter 8, Optional Devices.

Manual contents This manual is composed Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic the following nine chapters, five appendixes, a glossary and an index. Chapter 2, The Grand Tour, identifies the components of the computer and briefly explains how they function. Chapter 3, Getting Started, provides a quick overview of how to begin operating your computer and gives tips on safety and designing your work Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic. Chapter 5, The Keyboard, describes special keyboard functions including the keypad overlay and hot keys. Chapter 8, Optional Devices, describes the optional hardware available. The Appendices provide technical information about your computer. The Glossary defines general computer terminology and includes a list of acronyms used in the text. The Index quickly directs you to the information contained in this manual.

Conventions This manual uses the following formats to describe, identify, and highlight terms and operating procedures. Abbreviations On first appearance, and whenever necessary for clarity, abbreviations are enclosed in parentheses following their definition. Acronyms are also defined in the Glossary.

Satellite UFX - Toshiba

Icons Icons identify ports, dials, and other parts of your computer. The indicator panel also uses icons to identify the components it is providing information on. PC DIAGNOSTIC TOOL. Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Diagnostic utility can display the basic information of a computer and diagnose its built-in devices. However, assume that the  Missing: U You can test the hardware for faults in your Toshiba laptop by using a program called Toshiba Diagnostic Tools. Information provided by the Toshiba PC  Missing: U

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