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If Razer Mamba 4G Mouse updates not able to run or Synapse not able to load, please uninstall Synapse and download the latest Synapse Framework from Razer support site. How should I charge my Razer wireless mouse? The Razer Mamba uses a high performance Lithium Ion battery.

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Unlike Nickel-cadmium batteries, Lithium Ion batteries will not develop any type of memory and there is no need to discharge your battery. In fact, fully discharging a Lithium Ion battery can result in damage to the battery itself. If you are not planning on using your mouse for an extended period of time, it is best to turn Razer Mamba 4G Mouse mouse off and store it when it is nearly fully charged.

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How do I use the "surface calibration" tool to adjust the mouse to my specific mouse pad and gaming style? The auto-calibration feature on the mouse is set to on by default. When plugging Razer Mamba 4G Mouse mouse into your system, your mouse should be sitting on the surface you want to use your mouse on for it to calibrate properly to that surface. The distance to which you want the mouse to cut off tracking is adjustable through the software package that comes with the mouse.


How does the 4G dual sensor system work? The 4G Dual Sensor System calibrates to the specific characteristics of the surface to optimize the mouse's tracking abilities to that specific surface and minimizes the amount of displacement caused by erratic Razer Mamba 4G Mouse when lifting up and placing down the mouse on the surface.

The distance from the surface that the mouse cuts off tracking is customizable to the level that the user is comfortable Razer Mamba 4G Mouse through the software included with the mouse. How long does a fully charged battery last? The new battery can support up to 16 hours of continuous gaming.

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Unfortunately, we do not allow trade-ins at the moment however; do subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website to get the latest news and best deals. If I have the original Mamba will the Mamba drivers have an effect on the performance of my original? The Mamba drivers are backwards compatible with the original Razer Mamba 4G Mouse on the PC.

Mac users however, will still have to use the drivers that are available for the original Mamba as the Mamba Mac drivers are not compatible. How can I fix this? The load time can be decreased by removing any un-used profiles.

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This is easily done by loading the configurator and clicking the "Manage Profiles" tab. From here simply right click on each profile you are not using and click delete; once completed hit apply, then ok.

My Razer mouse is out of warranty and is not Razer Mamba 4G Mouse. Is there any way it can be repaired? Razer products are designed to work well beyond when the warranty has expired. However, If you feel your mouse is having issues we first suggest trying the mouse on another computer to insure the issue is with the mouse and not something within the computer system. If you have narrowed the issue to the mouse itself there is not really a cost effective repair center that would be able to assist you. Razer does make available some basic external spare parts at http: You can clean the mouse sensor using a Q-Tip lightly coated with rubbing alcohol and then letting the sensor dry for 5 minutes before attempting to use it.

Superior Razer Mamba Wireless gaming mouse, featuring 50 hours of battery life, Adaptive Frequency Technology and Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor. How should I charge my Razer wireless mouse? (applicable to Razer When should I enable the Razer Mamba Razer Mamba 4G Mouse 4G Dual sensor system?

You should.

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