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When self-assembly of a PC, few people think abouthow to choose a motherboard.

This component, along with the power supply, does not directly affect system performance. Therefore, many users do not take into account the main nuances. In ready-made solutions submitted by various collectors domestic and global - no one is in a hurry to pay attention to this module either. Wanting to attract a client with a low price, budget computers are often Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN in such computers, equipped with a minimum set of interfaces.

Gigabyte GA-6LASL

How to choose a motherboard for a computerin order to obtain the highest possible performance, leave a reserve of potential for the future, but at the same time do not overpay - and tell our material. So that the selection process does not cause difficulties even for a beginner, who with iron "on you", all the nuances are described in Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN.


Form Factor Standardization is a great blessing in the modern world. For about 20 years, the ATX standard has reigned on the PC market, which strictly describes the principles of computer layout, regulates power supply circuits and determines the format of this technology. Before, how to choose a motherboard, you need to decide: In the latter case - there are no special restrictions, and this subtitle can not be read. The Big Tower and Full Tower chassis some gaming models are like this support all motherboard formats for regular Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN computers.

Midi Tower most home PCs are running in this format are compatible with ATX motherboards, and problems with them usually do not arise either. Mini Tower, as well as HTPC and other compact computers that are designed to save space on the desktop or play the role of a home multimedia center - require the use of compact motherboards. Which motherboard to choose for them depends on the manufacturer. As a rule, Mini-ATX boards differ from full-size ones in height How to choose a motherboard Micro-ATX Micro-ATX motherboards are components that are suitable for a compact system unit, but when selecting them you need to pay special attention. Often, sellers label this designation with two completely different types of dimensions: Both have almost the same height There is also an ITX format that differs from ATX in a slightly different arrangement of external connectors and a smaller size.

When upgrading the media center, it is advisable to arm yourself with a ruler and measure the values, comparing them with the standards Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN the same "Wikipedia "Not to lose. Another slot may be required when installing an optical drive DVD discs are gradually becoming a thing of the past, but they have not completely lost their relevance. Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN fourth connector is desirable to leave in reserve, in case of an upgrade, if you need another HDD.

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Expansion Slots Almost all modern motherboards are equipped with a full-size PCI-E x16 slot designed for video card installation. If in the future it is planned to build a configuration of two video cards, there should also be 2 corresponding slots. The MP chipset in this Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN requires hardware support for SLI or CrossFire technology depending on the manufacturer of the graphics card.

Read more about this: Although the older PCI is out of use, devices on this bus are also found. From left to right: It is used to connect keyboards, mice and other peripherals, removable drives, photo cameras, smartphones, tablets, webcams and many other devices. All motherboards for home PCs are equipped with USB ports, Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN only Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN is in the supported generation of this protocol and the number of connectors. On the back panel you can find from 2 to 10 and even 12 of these sockets, but most of them belong to the obsolete generation 2. More modern USB 3s are blue or red instead of blackand are in the minority.

GA-6LASL (rev. ) Server Motherboard - GIGABYTE Italy

Another thing - the internal connectors, designed to display ports on the front panel of the PC. And those can be from 2 - up to 12 and more on specialized boards. If on the PC case there are USB3 sockets in front, then beforehow to choose a motherboard, you need to make Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN that there is an internal block of contacts on the board. And if in the appendage to them it is also planned to use an additional panel installed in the drive slot, then there should be at least two USB3 pads per MP.

Main Gigabyte Server GA-6LXSV Socket 1150 Chipset Intel C224 817S

Cooling and Cooler Compatibility To improve heat removal from power circuits, the south bridge and other critical components, manufacturers use compact and sometimes not very radiators. Their presence is good, especially if experiments with overclocking are planned, or intensive use of a computer is expected. Preference in choosing should be given to models with cooled elements. There are also cases when the benefit in the form of Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN radiators turns into unpleasant nuances. If a massive tower cooler, like the Noctua NH-D14, is installed on the PC, then the standard MP cooling system in particular, its protruding elements may interfere with the installation of the radiator. The same applies to video cards or memory strips on tightly assembled Flex-ATX cards.


Before, how to choose a motherboard, it is worth considering the need for additional cooling. Cases equipped with lighting, transparent walls and other modding elements are often equipped with auxiliary fans. They require connection to 3-pin connectors on the board, so if fans are needed, there should be a margin of such connectors on the MP. It is largely individual, and Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN choice is determined based on the Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN of a particular user.


For a gaming PC, it will be one, for an office PC - another, for a multimedia one - the third. Do not chase for cheap. microATX form factor Intel® C chipset Intel® Xeon® processor E V3 product families 2 x GbE LAN ports (Intel® I) 4 x DIMM slots, up Gigabyte GA-6LASL Intel LAN 32GB. Buy GIGABYTE GA-6LASL Server Motherboard - Intel Chipset - Socket H3 LGA from the leader in HPC and AV products and solutions.

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