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In one installation application of the invention, BaseS transmission would be used on shorter exchange lines when the switch or ONU is located in a serving exchange building. The switcher or ONU may be sited in different locations forming different architecture for a Gateway P-172 LSI Modem optical network.

Some of these architectures include: This is achieved by a POTS splitter filter, i. The BaseS system is a point to point transmission system even though the core modem is a blind modem that is able to support point to point to multipoint communications.

The network termination interface at the customer premises can be the widely used BaseT RJ interface. The customer can hook Gateway P-172 LSI Modem any common BaseT equipment, such as an Ethernet switch or hub, or any product that has an Ethernet network interface card NIC. The network interface unit will respond to test and management messages originated by any SNMP network management system.

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The system supports two latency modes that can be modified by software or through the network management: A block diagram illustrating the BaseS transport facility of the present invention as applied to a sample telephony application is shown in FIG. The ISP comprises an access switch that is shown coupled to two network elements Another central office switch is shown connected by a fiber link to the access switch The access switch is shown Gateway P-172 LSI Modem to two access switchesvia BaseS connections.

It is important to note that all BaseS connections actually comprise from one to four twisted pair wires, depending on the number of pairs implemented. The two access switchesrepresents edge devices for two separate customer premises.

The access switch is shown connected to computer workstationsand to an Ethernet hub The Ethernet hub, in turn, is connected to two computer workstations Data communications between the access switch and Gateway P-172 LSI Modem computer workstations and the Ethernet hub are carried over BaseT links. The access switch is shown coupled to computer workstations Communication between the computer access switch and the computer workstations occur over BaseT links. It is important to note that the network comprising computer workstations and the Ethernet hub, shown connected Gateway P-172 LSI Modem the access switch in the example in FIG.

One skilled in the art can assemble numerous other configurations without departing from the spirit of the invention. The access switch of the present invention can be coupled to any device able to communicate using BaseT.

US7697507B2 - Ethernet transport over a telephone line - Google Patents

Each of the access switches comprises BaseS modems that communicate with each other using the BaseS modulation and protocol scheme disclosed herein. The modems, including the transmitter and receiver portions, incorporated in the access switches are described in more detail herein below. A block diagram illustrating a sample customer premises network utilizing the BaseS transport Gateway P-172 LSI Modem of the present invention is shown in FIG. POTS splitters 22 communicate to POTS splitters 24 which are typically physically located in remote locations in different areas of the customer premises.


For example, the customer premises may be large university campus with communication links spanning out to each building within the campus. With reference to FIG. The PBX and the network equipment would typically be installed in the telecommunications equipment room that also Gateway P-172 LSI Modem as the service entrance or network termination point NTP to the telco lines from the central office. Any BaseT capable device such as computer Gateway P-172 LSI Modem 28 can be connected to BaseS modems A block diagram illustrating an optical network unit connected to multiple customer premises via the BaseS transport facility is shown in FIG.

USB2 - Ethernet transport over a telephone line - Google Patents

The fiber is terminated on a high speed switch that comprises a plurality of BaseT ports. The BaseS modem is coupled to BseS modem within customer premises 1 The BaseS modemin turn, is connected Gateway P-172 LSI Modem the premises distribution network The premises distribution network represents any BaseT capable network. Shown coupled to the premises distribution network are computer workstations Similarly, BaseS modem is connected to BaseS modem located in customer premises 2 Here too, the premises distribution network represents any BAseT capable network. Computer workstationsare shown connected via BaseT to the premises distribution network.


In the shown embodiment of FIG. The BaseS modem comprises a physical portion and framer portion. The modem is adapted to provide a bi-directional connection between a BaseT port and a BaseS port The physical layer portion in the modem includes a BaseTX module which is adapted to receive a BaseT signal at a BaseT port and to output a signal compatible with the Media Independent Interface MII bus specifications. The bridge is provided for coupling the MII signals from the module to and from Gateway P-172 LSI Modem message memory unit and an MII interface The message memory is provided for soaking up or compensating any differences in data rate between the two sides of the MII bridge View full Gateway PX FX specs on CNET.

Modem. Protocols & Specifications. ITU V 1 x IEEE (FireWire) 1 x modem - phone line - RJMissing: LSI.

The Bottom Line Gateway's new PX FX offers high-end perks in a Bluetooth, Modem, Ethernet, a/b/g Wi-Fi, optional g: LSI.

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