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Weekend I could only connect to the internet through ethernet. So I decided to format my notebook, resetting it factory standards and fresh start, I already have everything Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN here, all drivers updated, no other crap that could interfere on the wireless network functions, but the error persists.

I get connected to the WiFi for a couple of minutes, but now out of nowhere it gets limited connection. I would really appreciate if someone could bright up my days!


I'm not a computer expert, I just try to solve things myself by researching on web, but in this case, it's haunting me for so long, and it feels like my problem is way "bigger" than people's problems I ever found related to this topic. At some Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN I thought it could be hardware problems, because it disappeared from my device manager 3.

My crappy Aetheros adapter in my old Acer PC gets Mbps sustained download speeds on 5ghz Wireless N, so it is clear that this wireless card is dramatically and horrendously underperforming. My laptop is placed around 4m from my router in the same room, with little to no interference from anything else, so Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN are ideal. I have tried multiple channels and settings on my router, and tonight will further experiment with the driver-level power saving features etc to see if something is wrong with the software settings on the ASUS itself.

I heard another guy on another forum telling me to try "multiple versions of drivers until you find one that works better", but for me that 's too random.

So, how are you guys doing with your Intel AC cards? Did you have issues? Any tips solutions you used to solve them? Before I left home for work I Googled someone with a similar issue and managed to fix my initial throughput problems. The solution was this I now get the full internet connection speed that my Wireless N-equipped Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN gets! However, what I have not tested yet is if I will get through Wireless AC throughput between my router and my laptop, or if the Intel settings page now states that I am connecting at AC speeds.


However, this is already a BIG improvement! Please note that this an issue specific to this Intel chipset What am i supposed to do? Send it back and wait for weeks for Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN new one with probably sames issues? I have not tested transfer speeds within my home network, but overall things seem to be working well. Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN version did you upgrade to? Where did you download it from? I mean seriously, is this not checked before shipping out en masse?

Intel® Wireless Solutions

I couldn't get the wifi connected during the initial set up. I have to get in the card setting to change the wireless mode Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN I also disabled a bunch of setting in the wifi card configuration under wireless card configure - advanced menu. I hope this helps. I went to the Intel website.

Search for the AC drivers. You can also use the Intel Driver Update Utility to find the latest driver, most of the time: The model numbers of the routers would be nice, and if it isn't too much trouble, the firmware versions running.

Intel® Wireless Solutions

These little details add up to a compatible functional pairing, which is eluding some others I have a Netgear v2 Wireless AC router. It turns out that this setting isn't Intel's fault, all properly implemented You don't need that to enable with other cards. Wireless Network Speed Tweaks - as good an explanation as any: Wireless Network Speed Tweaks http: Unable to connect Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN an The driver and router firmware updates are the most important first things to check. Check directly on the router support site, don't rely on the router built-in update check. Oh yeah, be kind to your neighbors and tune your Wifi signal power to as low as needed.

I drop mine down to as close to 0 as possible - and I still get a great connection. If you can't get the new Intel ac to work Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN your old router, kick in a few bucks and get an awesome new router. I find it strange that no other laptop adapter non-Intel I have used has needed this setting enabled, and yet runs perfectly at Wireless N speeds. Richdog, it's not odd, they have implemented a non-strict non-conforming Intel N/a/b/g WLAN Wifi Card, pin Mini Card edge connector. Gateway Laptops: CXX, MXL, MXL, MXL, MTj, MTj.

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The problem is concerning Wireless Network Adapter Gateway M-152 Intel WLAN AC ). I'm not a computer expert, I just try to solve things myself by the troubleshoot and it shows "Default Gateway is not available" .

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