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Fujifilm X-E2s Review

The information supplied in this article is based on official specifications and our Fujifilm X-E2S Camera experience with Fujifilm cameras. If we get the chance to test the two cameras side-by-side, we will publish a full comparison. We were not asked to write anything about these cameras, nor were we provided with any sort of compensation.


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Still solid: Fujifilm X-E2S Review

The improvements in image quality also affect the dynamic range — particularly highlight recovery — but the difference is often negligible. Autofocus A similar trend applies to the autofocus system. The X-E3 features the same Fujifilm X-E2S Camera as the flagship cameras with 91 hybrid points.

Gateway GT3252m NVIDIA GraphicsBody and handling
Daewoo cb652m-lxAdvanced Rangefinder Design

These points can be subdivided into Fujifilm X-E2S Camera grid 13 x25 in certain focus modes. On the X-E2 the single points has 5 sizes. Face and Eye Fujifilm X-E2S Camera is found on both cameras. It works with the phase detection sensors for more accurate results on the X-E3 while the X-E2 only uses contrast detection.

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Helping to keep the image quality high is the mm standard zoom kit lens. There are aperture and manual focus rings on the lens barrel, which in conjunction with the shutter speed and exposure compensation dials on top of the camera body makes it straight-forward to set the exposure. We did find though that the aperture ring is easily moved, particularly when taking the lens on and off the camera, so watch out for an incorrectly set aperture. Front of the Fujifilm X-E2S The mm lens' fast maximum apertures in conjunction with the large APS-C sensor make it easy to throw the background out of focus and achieve some really nice bokeh effects. The combination of the fast apertures and the extensive ISO range of expandandable tomakes the X-E2S very well suited to low-light shooting, allowing you to hand-hold the camera in places where you'd usually be reaching for a tripod if allowed or other support.

More confident beginners can then use the rear Command Dial to select a specific scene type. This allows you to continue shooting wide-open with fast aperture lenses in Fujifilm X-E2S Camera brightest of conditions without having to resort to fitting a glass ND filter or using external flash and lights. There are some important caveats with the electronic shutter - the ISO range is restricted toyou can't use the flash at all, and the slowest shutter speed is only 1 second, but overall it's a great addition that makes the X-E2S more versatile.

The Fujifilm X-E2S's auto-focusing speed is further Fujifilm X-E2S Camera on the previous model, with a quoted fastest auto-focus time of just 0. The X-E2S has an ultra-fast hybrid AF system with both a conventional contrast-detection system and built-in Phase Detection pixels which enables the camera to achieve a focus lock so quickly and accurately.

If you mostly use Fujifilm X-E2S Camera rather than manual then this Fujifilm X-E2S Camera improvement alone is reason to upgrade from the X-E1. The X-E2S has 49 individual AF points in the Single Point mode, laid out in a 7 x 7 grid, with the ability to change the size of the focus point via the rear command dial to achieve more precise focusing.

FUJIFILM X-E2S Mirrorless Digital Camera B&H Photo

These two modes use a larger point area to capture moving subjects. The metal control dials feel well built with painted lettering, and a grippy metal texture surrounding them. Whilst this is a fairly minor issue, a rubber grip here would have been nice, and would have contributed to the Fujifilm X-E2S Camera of the camera. You can set the focus point to a wide area of the screen, and you can also change the focus point size. With the new X Pro 2, everything is on the right hand side.


The back of this camera has a number of buttons including directional buttons that are also programmable. The camera survived the drizzle with no problems.

Burst shooting at maximum resolution is once again possible at a rate of 7fps, although the burst depth has decreased from 28 JPEGs on the X-E2 to 18 frames here, while the Wi-Fi functionality that allows for image sharing and remote control from smart devices has been carried over. In a move that will no doubt please X-E2 Fujifilm X-E2S Camera, Fuji has already released a firmware update that brings many of the X-E2S's advantages, such as the changes to the focusing Fujifilm X-E2S Camera and the electronic shutter, to the X-E2.

Fujifilm X-E2 / X-E2s vs. X-E3 – The 10 Main Differences

The Fujifilm X-E2S is a rangefinder-styled mirrorless interchangeable lens camera featuring a 16MP X-Trans sensor, abundant external. The FUJIFILM X-E2S delivers rangefinder style with premium quality.

This new mirrorless camera is an upgrade to FUJIFILM's X-E2 and has the same durable.

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