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Billie next generation model of the Virtual Population 3. As we are now in a better position to assess and explore the many opportunities made possible by scientific discovery, we have taken ambitious steps to position ourselves to achieve greater impact.


At the start of our second decade five years ago, the focus of our research activities shifted from EM and wireless safety to medical applications. The launch of our research initiative IT IS for Health set an ambitious agenda for the following years, with a proactive focus on computational life sciences, in particular, the development of a computational framework with a series of verified and validated computable, functionalized anatomical models Page 13 and the most powerful physical and tissue model solvers Page As we implemented and refined our strategic research initiatives, we sought new visionary partners and maintained a productive relationship with our existing collaborators to push the boundaries of medical technology Page 10and we embraced the growing interest in the applicability of our novel tools by those who are looking over the horizon Page 6.

We also pushed the boundaries of our mainstay electro - magnetics research further: We expanded our broad spectrum of services supporting the wireless and medical industry in overcoming many EM limitations Page Joining new COST actions e. The rapid pace of Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B progress speaks to the remarkable commitment, intelligence, agility, and creativity of our staff, who are the true visionaries Page 5. To maintain and expand our prolific portfolio of interconnected initiatives, we have consistently strengthened and expanded our di - verse team of researchers and engineers with the greatest minds from 29 nations. Highly committed and endowed with complementary sci entific, medical, financial, and commercial expertise, the members of the board have overseen the implementation of our strategic initiatives with valuable insight, expert ad vice, and faithful guidance.

The appointment of our newest board member, Prof. Stephan Bodis, brings new depth to the IT IS Foundation Board, and will help further guide the execution and strategic prioritization of the many medically-related opportunities currently before us Page 4. We are grateful to our many sponsors and donors Page 9 whose commitment and trust in our vision make it possible to pursue our goals year after year, especially the generosity of CTI, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, the Swiss National Research Foundation, and the EU Commission. With the perspective of time, we have found that while strategies have changed, areas of support have shifted, technology has become more complex and competition has grown, the fundamental principles that guide our foun - dation endure. Our fifteenth anniversary allowed us to look back at our achievements, but more importantly, it compelled us to look ahead, to assess the research needs of the next decade and beyond, and to strategize for the future.

We remain committed to leading the way to the solutions of tomorrow.

Title Page: Billie next generation model of the Virtual Population 3.0 (see also Page 13)

Zurich, January Prof. Asher Sheppard, US Dr. Jude Medical, US Dr.

Existing measurement systems, however, are incapable of providing such detailed and exact measurements. The limitations of traditionally used non-isolated probes are mainly to blame, as they modify the local field distribution at the device under test DUThave undefined receiving characteristics when used Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B arbitrary field distributions, and cannot be calibrated with reasonable measurement uncertainty to traceable standards.

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In our Annual Report, we first introduced our Time-Domain Sensor TDS active optical near-field field probe technology for magnetic and electric field measurements in the RF domain. Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B system can emulate free-space or metallic boundary conditions in the scanning volume contained inside a fully EM shielded chamber, and combines a large scanning volume of mm 3 with micrometer resolution. Our TDS probe technology has been integrated into the scanning system, which also supports automatic probe exchange for enhanced measurement automation.

The vector measurement receiver and our TDS probes make the system the first true phasor EM nearfield testbed with the option to propagate close near-field measurement results into the intermediate- and far-field regions in the future. The first version of the Virtual Population, ViP 1. The optimization of cardiovascular implants for effective treatment, for example, requires multiscale sim - ulations involving computational fluid dynamics, structural and tissue mechanics, and tissue adaptation models. To meet these challenges, Versions 2. For the development of the latest ViP 3.

Скачать драйвер для Прошивки (Firmware)

Further details are available in our second ViP reference paper Gosselin Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B al. As a diverse set of models is essential to better represent the general population, we will continue to segment new anatomies, especially for non-caucasian phantoms. Furthermore, innovative methods are being developed to circumvent whole-body segmentation and generate models based on existing anatomies by manipulating BMI to alter fat or muscle content, adding refinements such as enhanced vascular details, and adding pathological deformations. Simulations can provide a wealth of information that is not accessible through measurements.


Until now, however, the modeling of technical devices Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B diagnostic and therapeutic tools has been possible only under simplified environmental conditions, greatly limiting the transferability of results to systems that involve complex living tissues and organs. This limitation has prevented the application of simu lations for safety and efficacy evaluations to support regulatory submissions and to replace or supple ment experimental investigations and clinical studies.

The ongoing IT IS for Health research initiative on computational life sciences aims to propel numerical modeling in life sciences forward by integrating the intricacies of the physiological and physical mechanisms of the human body into reliable, complex, and realistic anatomical models. At the core of this initiative is Sim4Life, a project to Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B a computational framework with a series of verified and validated computable, functionalized anatomical models and the most powerful physical and tissue model solvers. As it entails ambitious innovation and detail at all levels of development, the generated knowledge is synthesized by a systematic approach that Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B physics, biology, engineering, and mathematics. Functional Information An important objective of the Sim4Life project was to develop and continually improve an integrative computational framework that covers a broad spectrum of spatial and temporal scales within a single modeling framework for understanding and visualizing the dynamic mechanisms underlying the human body.

Functional information, such as tissue properties, tissue behavior, physiology and disease models, and novel physics solvers must be integrated into our highly detailed Virtual Population anatomical models. For example, anatomically and physiologically realistic computational models of neuronal dynamics and blood perfusion can determine how physical forces electromagnetic fields, thermal exposure generate physiological responses neural activity, thermoregulation.

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Furthermore, the framework must be linked to an extensive and accurate database covering a wide range of physical and physiological properties. To this end, IT IS has taken on a pioneering role in providing a publicly available and continually updated tissue parameter database based on literature review and an online discussion forum. Physics Solvers for Computable Phantoms To handle the full complexity of human anatomy, power ful physics solvers must be able to handle complex, noisy geometries and large numbers of degrees Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B freedom, and they must be optimized for modeling living tissue, such as the impact of perfusion for thermal mod eling. The novel, user-friendly Sim4Life computational framework supports the coupled modeling of multiphysics phenomena, for example, the thermal response to EM exposure, the manipulation of proton spin dynamics by RF fields during MRI, or focused ultrasound-induced acoustic streaming and mechanical forces.

Most problems can be effectively addressed by weak coupling using an iterative solution; however, different processes that occur on similar time scales can become strongly coupled and may require dedicated solvers. Our integrated fluid-structure-interaction FSI solver, for example, Dell Precision 340 LG 8482B 14 15 simultaneously solves the computational fluid dynamics, biomechanics, mesh adaptation, and deformation problems. This is essential for the accurate modeling of blood flow and vessel wall interactions to analyze the initiation and progression of vascular diseases, such as aneurysms and atherosclerosis. A special set of solvers and tools in Sim4Life is being developed to better represent the anatomical variability of the general population, as our family of Virtual Population models is currently limited to 10 base models.

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