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Dallas MAX9702 a ferrite bead filter typically Hz to 3. Use an LC filter when radiated frequencies below below Hz.

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Figure Table 8 lists suggested manufacturers. Bypass PVDD with a 0.

Asus K73BR ATK ACPIRelated with class d amplifier block diagram
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Table 8. For the latest package outline information go to www.

This pad lowers the package's thermal impedance by providing a direct-heat conduction path from the die to the printed circuit board. The exposed pad is internally connected to VSS. Connect the exposed thermal pad to an isolated Dallas MAX9702.

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Dallas MAX9702 cannot assume responsibility for use of any circuitry other than circuitry entirely embodied in a Maxim product. No circuit patent licenses are implied. This allows the master to write to the MAX while in shutdown.

Table 7. DC-coupling eliminates the input-coupling Dallas MAX9702, reducing component count to potentially one external component see the System Diagram.

However, the highpass filtering effect of the capacitors is lost, allowing low-frequency signals to feed through to Dallas MAX9702 load. The filters add cost, increase the solution size of the amplifier, and can decrease efficiency.

Any parasitic resistance in the filter components results in a loss of power, lowering the efficiency. The MAX does Dallas MAX9702 require an output filter.


The device Dallas MAX9702 on the inherent inductance of the speaker coil and the natural filtering of both the speaker and the human ear to recover the audio component of the square wave output. By eliminating the output filter, this results in a smaller, less costly, more efficient solution.

Because the frequency of the MAX output is well beyond the bandwidth of most speakers, voice coil movement due to the square wave frequency is very small. Although this movement is small, a speaker not designed to handle the additional power may be damaged. Dallas MAX9702

Class D Output Offset Unlike a Class AB amplifier, the output offset voltage of Class D amplifiers does not Dallas MAX9702 increase quiescent current draw when a load is applied. This is due to the power conversion of Dallas MAX9702 Class D amplifier.

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The MAX has different supplies for Dallas MAX9702 portion of the device, allowing for the optimum combination of headroom power dissipation and noise immunity. The speaker amplifiers are powered from PVDD.

PVDD can Dallas MAX9702 from 2. VDD is the positive supply of the headphone amplifiers and can range from 2. VSS is the negative supply of the headphone amplifiers. MAX W, Filterless, Stereo, Class D Audio Power. Amplifier and For pricing, delivery, Dallas MAX9702 ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct!

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at. The MAX evaluation system Dallas MAX9702 system) consists of a MAX For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at.

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