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Still, we have to think the AMD side of marketing should have been green The golden heatsink comes with a clear fan Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid to actively cool the chipset and a fan-guard which mimics the Chaintech Zenith emblem. From end to end, one would be hard-pressed to find any available space on the board, as there are chipsets, slots, and headers galore. The sole exception of this characteristic is the area where we find the memory traces heading towards the northbridge. In addition to this convenient gap, there is an absence of tall capacitors close to the CPU socket.

This is excellent news to those who would be looking to use a hefty aftermarket heatsink. A large Thermalright AK-7 heatsink was used throughout the review with no issues whatsoever. Overclocking enthusiasts can celebrate further as the Chaintech board comes equipped with the four mounting holes surrounding the CPU socket. As such, waterblocks and intricate heatsink assemblies alike can be mounted securely to the motherboard with ease. Directly behind the rear-panel, one can see the first fault of the 7NJS. Perhaps due in part to the lack of room on the PCB, Chaintech engineers have decided to position the ATX power header in a small gap between the panel Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid a row of capacitors alongside the processor socket.

When installing the motherboard and assembling the system, I was disappointed to find that even my small hands seemed too large to easily access the power header. Those not using a fan-guard could encounter a situation where the power cable actually obstructs the movement of the fan.

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It is a shame that they will be mostly hidden. It is an attractive touch. The power connect is left of the processor socket. Our test system did not experience any power problems. It may not be known up until installation but it will sure be apparent when it is installed. The 7NJS has a standard height of 30 cm. Will this be a problem? Potentially yes as some PC case motherboard trays may not be configurable for the narrower Chaintech board. Usually there are three vertical rows of standoffs to support a motherboard. The power connector routed well. Many pages ago there was a comment about a potential RAM lifter problem. Could the narrower Chaintech board further increase the chance of the RAM lifters striking the video card?

This prevents a good fit. The last hardware fault is the lack of two more USB ports at the rear. So what is a problem or inconvenience if the user has a USB scanner or printer. Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid

Chaintech 7NJS Motherboard Review

Those cables must no plug into the front panel and cannot be hidden around the rear. Front panel access is ideal for items that are connected and disconnected on a regular basis such as USB digital cameras…. BIOS There is a truth that must be told at this point. Icrontic is lucky that we get to work closely with Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid supplier partners. They remind us of what we have missed during those late nights through bleary eyes.


At first go the Chaintech BIOS appears fairly extensive but not as extensive as the top overclocker boards. Hardware protection for the investment can be and is in place as a rule in adjustable 5 degree increments from 85 degrees Celsius to degrees Celsius. It is never off. Voltage can really be applied and DIMM voltage can be raised to the frying bacon level of 3. AGP voltage Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid also be raised to 2.


This control will give overclockers plenty of juice to hit the high scores. They are pulled from the line at random and shipped out. Remember that these are the findings with our particular review sample and are not the same for all Chaintech 7NJS boards but Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid yours is a bit quirky…this may help. This will not damage the installation but will allow for the drive to be recognized and bootable as the OS drive. Icrontic found this installation path to be trouble free.

It is important to note that there are thousands of threads in tech forums that tell installation and operational horror stories about motherboards…every motherboard. Icrontic has worked with two other NFORCE2 boards without any of the problems that we read about in our own forums and on other forums. It was just our turn. Our list of notable quirks includes a rather confusing Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid keyboard support problem and a lukewarm reception to the Digidoc software. It always worked when the OS had loaded.

Upon closing the Digidoc software the temperature readout will display normally. Free Download Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH Raid Driver (Other Drivers & Tools). Early this year, we reviewed the Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH (based on the Built-in Promise PDC ATA IDE/RAID controller using one.

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