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[patch] bttv documentation update

You need this unless you want to use only with a camera or external tuner. Optional AverMedia TVFM98 (BT-878 chip) for Loading Modules 16 B. Bt8x8 Cards by NumberThese are the option numbers for cards for use with modprobe.


This does not boast to be a complete list byany means; it is copied nearly verbatim from the kernel source documentation for bttv. If your card AverMedia TVFM98 (BT-878 chip) notlisted it may or may not be supported depending on the chipset and accompanying components with which itis constructed. Bt8x8 Cards by Number 19 C. Very nice card if you only have satellite TV but several tuners connectedto the card via composite. Note that even cards with same model numbers have depending on the revision different chips on it. BT capture only CPH03x: BT capture onlyTV standards: Typhoon is AverMedia TVFM98 (BT-878 chip) brand of Anubis.

Sophie: kernel-vserver-docmga1 noarch

Cards and Features by Manufacturer 38 D. Recording Video and Sound with BttvIn addition to the applications referenced in Section 5, recording can be managed from the AverMedia TVFM98 (BT-878 chip) line. The easy part is grabbing the video, for which we will use streamer, available with the Xawtv suite. Sound isanother matter, however. See manamixer to follow the command line options.


Your recording can be managed either using your primary soundcard if you have your Bt8x8 audio outputconnected to a mixer conduit that allows for capture e. The following steps utilize the latter. Next, identify the mixer controls for the Bt8x8 card.

This script and any recording from your Bttv device for that matter generates extremely large files, onthe order of several GB per hour, so be sure you have lots of free disk space available. Wed Feb 20 Recording Video and Sound with Bttv 41 E.

You will also need an application to access the radio. I suggest the console based radio,available with the Xawtv suite, or fmtools.

AverMedia TV/FM98 (BT-878 chip) Free Driver Download (Official)

Also, you can't listen to radio at the same time as watching TV with your Bttv card unless you have morethan one card, that is. Gnu Free Documentation LicenseVersion 1.

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