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Asus shows courage for design and equips the G60VX with a white notebook lid with a futuristic stamp. We have looked at the notebook Asus G60Vx Notebook and clarified the question if Asus has achieved to make a replete gaming notebook with the G60VX that can impress even beyond its looks.


Only the processor differs in every model. An Intel Core2 Duo P with Asus G60Vx Notebook. The models with P and T are scarce; merely the alternative with the T, tested by us, exists in a sufficient quantity.

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Case At first sight, the optically visible relationship to the larger 17 inch brother, Asus G71GXcan be seen immediately. Except for a few details, the cases equal each other in Asus G60Vx Notebook like two peas in a pod.

However, the G60VX differs partly in its color and the applied materials. The G60VX also has a light but in opposition to the G71GX, it's restricted to the "Republic of Gamers" logo and a horizontal bar, which are both found on the display lid. Asus has fortunately waivered on the two vertical and wildly blinking bars that fight for attention in the G71GX. The palm rests are made with a thin rubber coating and therefore already have a higher quality look than the gray "honeycomb pattern" of the G71GX. In opposition to this, the rest of the case is quickly sobering. Instead of using high-end materials, like for instance aluminum, Asus applies mainly cheap plastic.

This fact of the G60VX can at least be forgiven to Asus G60Vx Notebook degree, Asus G60Vx Notebook this is only obvious when looking closer. As to the workmanship, the notebook scores overall fairly good. By and large, the G60VX has been manufactured cleanly and barely any sharp or hard edges could be sordidly noticed. The only drop of bitterness: The stability is subject to even more criticism. The display lid can be twisted extremely on the outer side.

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We had the feeling the display could even be damaged at higher pressure. The area between the hinges give in considerably, whereby you have to almost fear breaking the display or tearing the lid out of its nook. Finally, the status bar above the keyboard also yields slightly, as it's only a few millimeters thick and the battery is found directly underneath it. In return, the rest of the case, just like the bottom, is fairly stable. Let's now go to the hinges, which do their job stably and reliably. Asus G60Vx Notebook, the case swivels along at opening, despite a proper weight of grams. Configuration Connectivity Asus presents themselves as more than Asus G60Vx Notebook in view of connections.

We'll start with the back, which has a USB 2.

Finally, on the right, three audio sockets headphone-out, microphone-in and line-outtwo USB 2. The interface distribution appealed to us, in particularly on the back. Gamers connect the adapter, the network and a mouse, as the most Asus G60Vx Notebook cables, there and the lateral areas can theoretically remain unfettered. Those who would like to connect an external sound system or maybe even an external monitor won't come around the sides, though.


Particularly the HDMI and audio outputs have been placed too far front for our Asus G60Vx Notebook and the according cables might turn out to be obstructive. Express Gate doesn't boot the operating system, but instead presents a refined desktop within seconds, with which various functions can be controlled. For instance, a small web browser is included. Furthermore, it's possible to render music and pictures or play various online games via a special platform. Conclusively, there is also the option of using Skype and other instant messaging Asus G60Vx Notebook.

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The control of Express gate is cordially self-explaining and the speed is also alright. So for those who want to quick check their emails or look at the pictures of the previous holiday is at the right address here.

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Supplies The big highlight of the Asus G60Vx Notebook is probably its comprehensive supplies that are found in the package. A Razer Copperhead, a high-quality gaming mouse that can score with its high precision and a blue light among other features, waits in a small, unobtrusive parcel. Razer Copperhead Aside from that, there is also a big backpack for a handy transportation of the G60VX in the box.

The backpack is in a green snake skin design and managed to thrill us Asus G60Vx Notebook. The workmanship is excellent and the used materials make an overall high-quality impression. The ASUS G60Vx is a powerful gaming notebook, with the latest NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTXM with 1GB GDDR3 VRAM for an immersive gaming experience. To enrich and perfect your online experience, ASUS uses "Cookies", similar technologies and services which are essential to ASUS websites. Some of functions.

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