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New Shuffle, multiple Snap and Crossfade audio edit modes. Over 70 plug-in effects and processors. Save and load of channel strip configurations. Up to stereo audio tracks. Up to software instrument tracks.

Up to 64 busses and 64 aux channels. Up to 15 inserts and 8 aux sends per channel. New controller learn mode. Offline bouncing of single or multiple tracks.

Support for Apple Loops. Can import Garage Band songs.

AAC and MP3 import and export. Join The Network Perhaps the biggest single new feature in Logic Pro 7 is that it now provides a way to use additional computers to share the processing load. This really needs G5s to work effectively and operates over Apple Logic Pro 7 Ethernet using the TCP protocol, where the additional computers function as networked nodes.

Apple Logic Pro 7

The documentation suggests that connection over Firewire will also be possible, although apparently this is not the best choice, as the Firewire bandwidth is lower than Gigabit Ethernet Apple Logic Pro 7 has to be shared with any Firewire interfaces or hard drives that are also in use. The main Logic windows, such as Apple Logic Pro 7 Arrange page, are familiar from previous versions, but have benefited from Apple's graphical makeover. Where more than one node additional computer is connected, the network switcher used must be able to offer a bandwidth of at least one Gigabit, enabling it to handle up to simultaneous stereo tracks to and from the node system. Logic Node, as the system is called, requires OS The necessary node software comes with Logic Pro 7, no additional XS Keys are needed and Logic Pro only needs to be installed on the master machine.

Apple Logic Pro 7

I asked about the latency implications of using a system like this and was told that there are certain latency penalties for real-time instrument tracks running on nodes, but you can switch tracks from the host processor to node processing at the touch of a Track Node button so this isn't really an obstacle. All you need to do is ensure that a software instrument is running on the host machine when you are recording its part and you'll have no more latency than normal. Once the part has been recorded, you can switch it to run on a node for future playback. According to Apple, the use of TCP means that as faster networking technologies become available, the increased bandwidth will support more simultaneous Apple Logic Pro 7 channels.

I saw this running with a G4 laptop as the master machine and a G5 as the node Apple Logic Pro 7 it worked seamlessly. Of course if you don't have extra computers, there's always the existing track Freeze button, and one recurring user request was for a way Apple Logic Pro 7 make Frozen tracks permanent. This hasn't been implemented quite as expected, but a Total Track Bounce mode can be used to render all the audio and software instrument tracks to permanent audio files. Compensation Delayed Several criticisms have, in the past, been levelled at the audio capabilities of Logic, not least the ease with which audio can be edited, the absence of sample-accurate audio editing in the Arrange page and the lack of plug-in delay compensation in audio paths other than the main tracks.


Apple are aware of the need to provide comprehensive plug-in delay compensation but have chosen not to prioritise it for this release; Apple Logic Pro 7 have they addressed the sample-accuracy editing issue. The latter doesn't bother me too much, but I'm surprised that the plug-in delay compensation issue hasn't been resolved as it impacts on the way that plug-ins can be deployed in audio Objects other than tracks.


However, they have weighed in with some long-overdue and very useful new Arrange window editing modes, specifically Shuffle, multiple Snap and Crossfade. Shuffle lets you seamless stack regions without gaps or overlaps in a similar way to Pro Tools, but goes one better by offering separate Apple Logic Pro 7 Left and Right modes, while the Snap menu provides the option to snap regions to a user-definable time grid.

Logic Pro - Wikipedia

Crossfade creates an automatic crossfade when two audio regions are overlapped by dragging one over the other. Several other workflow enhancements have been added, including the one that was right Apple Logic Pro 7 the top of my list — you can now start a new song as a Project rather than simply being able to Apple Logic Pro 7 it as a Project afterwards. All imported media can be automatically moved or copied into the newly created Project folder as the work progresses so you can be confident that everything the song needs is in the same place. The Project Manager has also been tidied up with a new, clean Apple look and speedier operation.

Amongst other improvements, Apple Logic Pro 7 Track Mixer now allows you to store and load channel strip settings, including multiple instrument and effects plug-ins. Another nice touch is the addition of Templates, which are conceptually similar having to multiple Autoload songs, each customised for different tasks.

The new version 7 of Logic is a huge upgrade which sees the program assimilated even further into Apple's product range, and adds some intriguing new. Because of Apple's policy of not announcing products or upgrades until they are very close to shipping, Logic Pro 7 will probably already be in the shops by the.

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