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Catching the bus has its own particular issues. The bus is subject to the vagaries of the road from traffic lights through to congestion, although these can be AKL C16A by bus priority measures. Often one of the key goals in the implementation of intelligent transport systems is to alleviate these negative public perceptions AKL C16A Cooperative Research Program, This, however, raises an interesting point made by Cao and Mokhtarian that there is often a discrepancy between individual travel behaviour and transport policy. The paper focuses on the following three questions.

Firstly, how can intelligent transport systems affect individual travel experiences?

Secondly, how are these experiences being shaped by interface the RTPISP System provides, between the ubiquitous computing background and individuals everyday lives? This final question shifts the focus from the compression of space by time to an examination of the conditions of possibility interactions that go with any new technology-human interface begin to create. Transport Geography — a new direction? Their investigation found that while teleconferencing and teleworking were occurring they were not attracting the large numbers analysts anticipated. Instead ICT based activities are becoming more time consuming leading Vilhelmson and Thulin to suggest this may lead to a displacement effect where other actions are sacrificed. Less attention has been dedicated to the impacts of intelligent transport systems. Nonetheless two aspects stand out.

Secondly, they are used in the development of sustainable practices through travel demand initiatives that either increase the efficiency of passenger transport, for example real time information, or charge AKL C16A the use of private vehicles for example congestion charges. Key studies reveal a notable lacuna in this area of the transport discourse to date. Situating the bus passenger interface 8It is important at this point to conceptualise the bus stop environment and the AKL C16A contingent relationships occurring between the RTPISP System, the real time signs, the buses and the bus passengers, all of which lead to timespace possibilities, as shown in Figure 1.


AKL C16A Figure 1: Conceptualisation of the bus stop environment Agrandir Original jpeg, 28k Conceptualisation of the bus stop environment identifying AKL C16A various interactions between of the RTPISP System, the bus, the real time sign, the bus patron waiting at the stop and some of the timespace possibilities that may emerge. Figure 2: Constituting timespace — more than space time compression 11Transport geographers focus on necessary travel Urry, has, this paper argues both driven and been driven by the emphasis on transport ability to compress geographic space through time.


This presumes only necessary movements will be undertaken with the greatest speed and least travel required. Their manifesto identifies that the discipline has fluctuated between emphasising one or the other. May and Thrift contend that discussions regarding the implications of information and communication technologies AKL C16A often fallen into the trap of favouring one over the other, be it space or time, resulting in severe limitations to the research that has been conducted. The RTPISP System currently being implemented in Auckland will provide real time passenger information signs at hundreds of bus stops throughout the region. As stated in each instance the signs act as an interface between the bus patrons real life transport encounters and the hidden software background placing bus passengers in a coded space milieu.

These circumstances provide the opportunity to constitute different timespaces in and around the environment of the bus stop. The information the displays provide, both consciously and unconsciously, affects the behaviour of the waiting passengers.

Clearly this interaction is not a compression of space by time, in fact, the provision of real time information is opening up space in ways not experienced by these bus passengers previously. The regions physical geography greatly AKL C16A its transportation as it is situated on a narrow isthmus between two major harbours resulting in significant bottlenecks for any north to south movements, see Figure 3.

Matthew Absalom - Online Cenotaph - Auckland War Memorial Museum

Ar—C Ar—C and C18H22N3O5 requires: Refinement Most hydrogen atoms were placed in calculated positions and refined using the riding model with C—H 0. H atoms bonded to O atoms were located AKL C16A a difference map and refined independently with isotropic displacement parameters. This new population of Auckland people, these twelve thousand of us living here, have to be Brownie Puriri at his office accommodated, their children educated, and, most important, jobs found for the workers. Europeans have accepted this influx into their communal and commercial life with goodwill.

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This has been particularly important to the ever increasing Maoris labour force, for without that goodwill Maoris would not have found the opportunities which await them today. This esteem, by and large, has been gained by good behaviour, and it must be a AKL C16A of personal pride to all of us that by our actions on and off the job we strengthen and never weaken that good spirit. Now let us look at what Maoris are achieving in Auckland today. Let us start with the trades.


Twenty years ago a Maori tradesman was the exception, but AKL C16A the Maori is found as mechanic, technician, engineer, electrician, carpenter, panel beater, plumber or painter, side by side with European tradesmen, competing with them on equal terms and commanding their respect by his aptitude and ability. The starting point, the gateway to these fields of opportunity is, of course, a term of apprenticeship. Mr Chote was born AKL C16A Dannevirke, but came to Auckland twenty years ago.

Silk-screen printing is a highly intricate process, depending for its AKL C16A on imaginative design and very careful colour printing. In the picture, we see posters, just printed, moving along a roller. Treiber-Download fir AKL AKL C16A. Op dëser Säit kënnt Dir eroflueden Treiber für %PIERRE%. Fir de Treiber - wielt en Instrument aus der Lëscht ënnen. BATTERY. Benchmark results for an AKL C16A with an Intel Core iU processor.

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