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If he says something about finding a gizmo in the Arena while they were cleaning up, then you've got an enhancement.

But enhancements usually won't do any good unless you know you have them, so always be sure to at least glance at the Engineer's Advanced Gravis OMFUP20. For a listing of known enhancements for each 'bot and how to perform them, check Section 3'bot Descriptions. The only requirement for being able to get to Fire is that you have the CPU difficulty level on a minimum of "Champion".

- [TXT Document]

Known combinations for some 'bots are listed in the 'bot Descriptions, Section 3. Fire is a Katana with the ability to perform a 5-hit Rising Blade move and has a Fire projectile that does enormous damage. All his hits take off about double the average character's hit. He doesn't, however, seem to be well adept at blocking Sweeps. Defeat him in Champion mode, and you'll get 1, points for a perfect round if Advanced Gravis OMFUP20 can1, for full stamina automatic perfect roundand 1, for his Destruction. In Deadly mode, count that a cool 1, points each. While playing with the CPU on Ultimate, you get a huge 2, points each.

All psyched up and ready to take on Fire? Well, on the slim chance that you manage to defeat Fire with the difficulty set on Ultimate, you can ALSO get to a second hidden Advanced Gravis OMFUP20 named Ice.


Then perform the same sequence that you used to get to Fire. If you do Advanced Gravis OMFUP20 correctly, you will then be taken to the lair of the secret character, Ice. Ice is an incredibly fast, powerful, and smart Shadow that blocks almost everything that you can throw at it.


All his her Special Shadow Moves go lightning quick and are unstoppable. He also has a Freeze Blast that will freeze you for a short time, as well as do some damage to you in the process. You might want to remember that to avoid the Freeze Blast, you either have to jump or block low Put quite frankly, it takes a heck of a lot of effort to beat this guy galso the programmers were at least gracious enough to give you 20, points for full health, as well as for a Perfect Round Yeah Right Sound like fun? Advanced Gravis OMFUP20

One Must Fall: 2097 – FAQ/Move List

Go ahead, then. Have fun Don't know how secret that is, but I thought it worth mentioning anyway.

Remember, you have to have WON a tournament previous to this, and must not be in a tournament at the time. This is a good way to see the winning animations for all the Advanced Gravis OMFUP20, as it will still show the ending if you buy a different 'bot. Now you get to watch the pretty little grafix animations for ALL those 'bots you're lame with.

This Advanced Gravis OMFUP20 is more or less useless, and in a long fight slows down the grafix on even a high-end drastically, but it's there, nonetheless, foryou to try at least once to quench your insatiable curiosity. And I'm not sure, but this seems to no longer work as of the 2.


To get the scrap level back to Advanced Gravis OMFUP20 once you've changed it, just press the B-I-G-1 keys simultaneously. This may be attributable to my particular setup, because the code works fine on my brother's DX, but I'm not sure. This provides you with a way to listen to all the games sound effects individually.

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Why you'd want to, I don't know; but it's there, nonetheless. For best results, I highly recommend using a Gravis, or other brand, You can find the file off the I'net and most large BBS's under the filename "OMFUP within the Hidden Advanced Option menu See Section ) which. Supports Sound Advanced Gravis OMFUP20, Gravis Ultrasound and Gravis Gamepad!

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