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An overview of the distinguishing factors between the two can be seen in our table.

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There are only marginal differences which go unnoticed by users, since the processing capacity is identical and in both receivers the CPU is not fully exploited. In theory, for example, both processors could support even more flash memory.


Here is a quick rundown of the major differences between the two receivers: While it is possible to install in internal 2. When switching on the receiver you can either press 0, 1 or 2 on the remote control to select the firmware you prefer. With the AZBox miniMe it is only possible to store two different firmware versions in the smaller flash memory 0 and 1.

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The display is particularly important when selecting the firmware version to boot from — the display will show BOOT[0], BOOT[1] or BOOT[2] so that you know you can release the corresponding button on the remote control. Once we had connected all cables to the receiver we were finally able to turn it on. It always surprises us no end to see how user-friendly a receiver can be with topnotch ADS Instant TV FM PCI PTV-352-EFG.

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In this case we were smoothly guided through various configuration steps by an efficient wizard, starting with language selection. Even though this receiver is small, the range of available languages is huge and we cannot think of a box that offers more options! Video resolution is next, with all modes from p to p being available, either with 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

ADS Tech Mini Dual TV (EU Only) (PTV-339-EFS) driver download free (ver. 1.­0.­0.­50)

Obviously, it is also possible to select interlaced mode i for all resolutions. We went for i, a configuration that is very popular in Europe.

What follows is the correct time zone, and here too the manufacturer seemed to have thought of all corners of the world. From these basic settings we are guided to the network parameters. DHCP is activated by default, and this actually ADS Instant TV FM PCI PTV-352-EFG sense since the router automatically assigns all required values and addresses. If you prefer to work with a static user-defined IP address you can of course also manually set all parameters.

At this stage you can even define a so-called time server from which ADS Instant TV FM PCI PTV-352-EFG AZBox miniMe obtains the exact time. Just so you know, all DiSEqC protocols are supported. We began with connecting the box to our existing array of antennas, which consists of four flat antennas aligned to the following positions: We then initiated a channel search across all four positions, which had us waiting for a total of 34 minutes.

All DXers out there will surely understand what we mean! Apart from that, we were genuinely pleased with the blind scan results. After all, the blind scan option is nice to have, but a receiver can only prove its worth in everyday use for watching television. No need to worry as far as the AZBox miniMe is concerned: It offers fast channel switching and comes with a very reliable software environment. During our test we were never faced with any freezes and ADS Instant TV FM PCI PTV-352-EFG standard functions such as EPG, teletext or subtitles worked without ADS Instant TV FM PCI PTV-352-EFG glitch. It was formatted with FAT32 and already included a number of multimedia files, so that we were able to find out how easy or difficult it would be to use a pre-formatted hard disk with existing files in connection with the AZBox miniMe.

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To cut a long story short: In our case the external HDD already had some files on it that we of course wanted to keep, which is why we added the time-shift and recording directories manually. Once that was accomplished we were able to use those functions to the full and could not detect any flaws. Everything worked just the way we knew it from other Linux receivers. This ADS Instant TV FM PCI PTV-352-EFG of our test was completed extremely quickly since we used the existing settings from our AZBox ME. It pays off to stick to products from the same family!

The website of the receiver appears on the monitor and allows remote access to all receiver functions. ADS Instant TV FM PCI PTV-352-EFG addition, it is even possible to stream the currently received channel across the entire home network. Sitting on your work desk and at the same time watching a soccer match? The Instant TV+FM PCI TV Tuner Card from ADS-Technology turns your computer into a PVR by allowing you to directly watch and record analog TV signals.


Get downloadable owner's and user's manual for ADS Instant TV+FM PCI (PTVEFG).

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