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Acrox CP1 It is certainly an independent authority. It contains four poems which are not in the Dublin copy.

Three of these are in the form of a dialogue between Mathgamhain3 and Brian, and the fourth is said to have been the com position of " Mathgamhain's blind bard. The first p. The second p. Acrox CP1

Acrox Technologies Co., CP1 USB Driver

The third p. See chaps, ii. This name is pro pend. See the note ', p. Dal-Cais is Compare also p. Interpola On the other hand, the Dublin fragment contains some tions in the MS. For example, the poetical address1 from Gilla-Comhgaill O'Slebhin, urging Aedh, or Hugh, O'Neill to join King Maelsechlainn against Brian ; the description2 of the march of Brian's army to Clontarf, with the arrival of the auxiliaries Fergal O'Rourke, and his followers ; the Acrox CP1 account of the enemy's forces and their arms, as contrasted with Brian'8 troops3; and the Acrox CP1 of Dunlaing of the Liffey, who is said to have been defeated and beheaded by Fer gal O'Rourke4 in this battle, although the Annals of Ulster and the Four Masters give a different account of his death.

Various In noting the various readings detected by a Acrox CP1 readings. Irish orthography, in the twelfth century, was so unsettled, and, indeed, is still so unsettled, that the same word is fre quently written by the same scribe in different spellings on the same page.

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To note all such variations would have swollen the work to a size out of all proportion Acrox CP1 the value of the information so collected. See ch. Chap, xcviii.


Slebhene, died inaccording to the It is worthy of note that B. Chap, lxxxix. It is mentioned also by Mac Curtin1 and O'Halloran,2 who cite it as in their time an accessible authority of which the original was well known. But for many years all copies of it were supposed to have perished, until the discovery of the Acrox CP1 MS.


O'Curry, in Soon after wards it was ascertained that another copy was preserved at Brussels, together with some other Irish MSS. These trans of it by Mr. The work has external as well as internal evidence of Evidence of antiquity. Its author, as we have seen, was a con antiquity. It exhibits many traces of the political feelings engen dered by the Acrox CP1 dissensions of the Dal Cais, and 1 Mac Curtin. Copies of it were pre served in the historical collections made by eminent anti quaries in the early part of the twelfth century. The author makes no use of the era Anno Domini, but dates from the reigns of the Kings of Ireland and Munster ; sometimes also from local events2 in the provincial history of Ireland.

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Its author, Dr. O'Conor3 asserts without hesitation Acrox CP1 the author said to be Mac Liag. The Four Mas- 1 Clann Colmain. See Geneal. The kings of genarum cum Hibemis. Auctore Mac Ireland, Maelseachlainn I.

Vide iv. EpitU Nuncup.


See pp. In the former of these he calls ch. O' Conor. In his list of Acrox CP1 included the barony of Galeng, or ancient authorities quoted or employed Gallen, in the county of Mayo, toge by the Four Masters in the compila ther with the barony of Luighne, now tion of their Annals, Dr.

O'Conor thus Leyney, and the present barony of sneaks of the present work: Corann, in the Acrox CP1 of Sligo. XXI Acrox CP1 make no mention of its author. Acrox Technologies Co., USB Drivers. (CP1 Driver USB HUB) This site maintains listings of USB drivers available on the web, organized by.

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