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It is a serial link and consists of a single cable with a minimum of four wires creating a point-to-point connection between devices. Time-shifting is a feature of PVR software that allows you to pause, replay or skip a portion of a live TV programme.

With the time-shift feature, you have total control over how you watch television. In the real world, Acer Aspire E500 TV Tuner means that the V's bit processor can rip through complex computations faster than can other processors in this category. In terms of memory module configuration, the manufacturers have done customers a disservice: All the manufacturers except Krypton left one of the two memory slots free, and if you want to upgrade to dual-channel, you'll have to procure a matching memory module from the manufacturer.

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Since all the memory modules were in single-channel configuration, scores in the memory benchmarks were expectedly low-with the Acer Aspire SA80 scoring the lowest. In the gaming benchmarks- Call of Duty and FarCry-the Krypton Voyager 9, with the nVidiaemerged the fastest, outperforming all the other graphics solutions and giving amazing frame rates.

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Cowon iAudio J3All Acer TV-tuners
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We therefore expected it to be the PC with the best overall performance. The Krypton scored As we expected, the Creative 2. But the 5. Conclusion The choice of better-quality components is one of the reasons for the markedly better performance and somewhat higher prices of the PCs in this segment, as compared to those in the Value segment.

Acer Aspire E500 (Desktop)

The Krypton Voyager 9 was the last PC we'd received for the test, and had we received it a few hours later, it might not have made it to the tests at all. Frankly, we'd expected an ordinary PC from Krypton, but we found a surprise package: Had it been priced a bit lower, it would surely have won Gold.

Features, too, were top-notch; we therefore adjudge it, without reservation, the winner of the Digit Best Buy Gold in this category. A MCPC is meant to be the media hub of your living room, enabling you to listen to music, watch movies, pause live TV and replay it-and also get some work done! For all this, you'll need good horsepower, which, unfortunately, some MCPCs lack.


But MCPCs have been in the market for quite some time now, and since we're comparing home PCs, we decided we had to include these in our comparison. This fact-that the hardware is so niche-also makes Media Center PCs much costlier than their home desktop counterparts. The Acer, too, didn't ship with one, but they did send it in as Acer Aspire E500 TV Tuner "optional component.

Acer Aspire E - P4 3 GHz - Monitor : none. Series Specs - CNET

Features As we mentioned earlier, the choicest components went into the making of these Media Center PCs. We asked the companies for the TV-Tuners. Acer was quick to respond by sending us the TV-Tuner. Although the Sahara R3 came with a TV-Tuner and a remote, they forgot to send an IR receiver, so the remote turned out to be of no use! The first three were powered by the Intel Pentium 4 with HyperThreading Technology, while the Sahara R3 was powered by the AMD Athlon64the most powerful processor in this test-which was also featured on the Krypton Voyager 9 in the previous category. We witnessed many firsts Acer Aspire E500 TV Tuner this category. The HP min Acer Aspire E500 TV Tuner a GB hard drive, which means ample space for capturing content and also for other functions such as time-shift.

A LightScribe drive can burn labels onto compatible media: The HP cabinet was unique: On the top was a small compartment for storing optical media.


The Acer E decided to do away with the stock heat sink of the Pentium 4, and came with a custom heat sink-fan assembly, in which the fan blows hot air sideways, directed towards the rear exhaust grille of Acer Aspire E500 TV Tuner cabinet. Being Media Center PCs, all the four came with remotes. The remote that came with the Sahara R3 was the sleekest, though it featured fewer function keys. Download Acer Aspire E Tv Tuner Driver Absolutely Free! Drivers For Free software scans your computer for missing and outdated drivers. With free account. Latest Acer Aspire - E drivers available for download and update using Driver Acer Lifeview LR TV Tuner Card Driver, Vista.

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