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English right handed Dvorak dvorak-classic us: English classic Dvorak dvp us: English programmer Dvorak rus us: Russian US, phonetic mac us: English Macintosh altgr-intl us: English international AltGr dead keys olpc2 us: Serbo-Croatian US ps af: Pashto uz af: Uzbek Afghanistan olpc-ps af: Arabic digits qwerty ara: Arabic Buckwalter phonetic am: Armenian phonetic phonetic-alt am: Armenian alternative phonetic eastern am: Armenian eastern western am: Armenian western eastern-alt am: Armenian alternative eastern nodeadkeys at: German Austria, eliminate dead keys sundeadkeys at: German Austria, Sun dead keys mac at: German Austria, Macintosh cyrillic az: Azerbaijani Cyrillic legacy by: Belarusian legacy latin by: Belarusian Latin oss be: Belgian A4Tech KBS 8, Sun dead keys iso-alternate be: Belgian ISO alternate nodeadkeys be: Belgian eliminate dead keys sundeadkeys be: Belgian Sun dead keys wang be: Belgian Wang model azerty probhat bd: Bengali A4Tech KBS 8 ben in: Bengali India, Baishakhi Inscript guj in: Gujarati guru in: Punjabi Gurmukhi jhelum in: Punjabi Gurmukhi Jhelum kan in: Kannada mal in: Malayalam enhanced Inscript with Rupee Sign ori in: Tamil tel in: Telugu urd-phonetic in: Urdu phonetic urd-phonetic3 in: Urdu alternative phonetic urd-winkeys in: Urdu WinKeys bolnagri in: Hindi Bolnagri hin-wx in: Hindi Wx eng in: English India, with RupeeSign alternatequotes ba: Bosnian use guillemets for quotes unicode ba: Bosnian use Bosnian digraphs unicodeus ba: Bosnian US keyboard with Bosnian digraphs us ba: Bosnian US keyboard with Bosnian letters nodeadkeys br: Portuguese Brazil, eliminate dead keys dvorak br: Portuguese Brazil, Dvorak nativo br: Portuguese Brazil, nativo nativo-us br:A4Tech Ergo A-Shape KBS-8 - keyboard overview and full product specs on CNET.

This package contains the files for installing the A4tech KBS-8/KB-8 Multimedia Keyboard Driver. If it has been installed, updating.

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