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If you moved the mouse over a surface like a mouse pad, that A4Tech NWW-11, on a color and rough surface, then it worked less. However, if the surface was too smooth, it was too reflective, we could hop on the mouse hopelessly, and the mouse pointer did not move. Then the years went by, the laser, then the blue laser mice appeared, all promising that we could forget the mouse pad, but in the end it did not. If you need accurate mouse pointer motion, we are best off to this day by getting a good mouse A4Tech NWW-11

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No, no, this is A4Tech NWW-11 the case, we can use the past time rather than ours, as we've been in the shops, and of course there are a few mice from A4Techt on the desktop that you really A4Tech NWW-11 not have to pad. This property is already announced in its name, Padless Mouse!

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Let's see if A4Tech NWW-11 statement is true! Before we look at mice, we need to write about technology, that is, about what an optical mouse works.

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Simply imagine that there is a camera in the bottom of each of these mice that captures photos from the underlying or just standing surface and calculates the shift from the difference in the photos. Obviously, the more pictures are taken by the camera, the more accurately you can calculate the speed and direction of movement. The analysis of the image taken is of course not the A4Tech NWW-11 we observe a photo. The mouse does not look for striking details, say faces or similar objects in the picture. The mouse is looking for shadows, so it is essential that the surface is less smooth. So far, the similarity between optical mice using different technology. Let's see what's the similarity to the pre-release technologies A4Tech! You have read on the previous page that we have mentioned three aspects of optical technology.

A4Tech Padless Mouse - mice are really done without a pad

There are similarities among them A4Tech NWW-11 though different light sources are used. The following diagrams show the operating principle. Operation is simple.


The LED - whether conventional or laser light illuminates the underlying surface, reflects it, reflects on the sensor. In the case of a conventional optical mouse, a glass sheet causes more trouble. On the one hand, too much light goes through it, so there is little room for the sensor, and on the other hand, the surface is too smooth for the details to be distinguished by A4Tech NWW-11 processing unit.

In short, it will not work. For laser mice, the situation is better. The light is less dispersed, the edge of the illuminated section has higher interference, which means that there are more reflective light, and there is a A4Tech NWW-11 difference between the images. It's true for both blue and red light solutions.

The technology that uses the two colors A4Tech NWW-11 the same as the one, the difference being the light in the wavelength. For these technologies, the biggest difference is the source of light and the fact that the laser is delivered through a lens through the lens, which concentrates the incoming light to a lesser extent, so that our mice will work with less reflection, the mouse pointer The accuracy of its movement decreases a bit.


However, these technologies have a serious fault, namely that the surface is illuminated at an oblique angle. This is a problem because, for example, in the case of a plexiglass or a glass sheet or a thin tissue, some of the light will not reflect from the sensor or lens area, so the mouse pointer will either be completely stuck or inaccurate. A4Tech's new V-Track technology eliminates this problem. For new mice, the manufacturer introduces a technology where the light falls A4Tech NWW-11 on the surface under the mouse. The process has many advantages, but perhaps the most important thing is that the incident light is scattered on a much smaller surface so reflection will be much more concentrated. The following two diagrams show an analysis of a V-Track and A4Tech NWW-11 conventional optical mouse.


According to the measurements, the maximum luminous intensity is 13 over 1, lux, while in the case of conventional optical mice, the maximum lux was due to the diffusion and, of course, the difference in illumination. There is no need to think much about how the higher brightness can affect the quality of processing. Another great advantage A4Tech NWW-11 the new technology is related to the incidence angle of light.

A4 Tech is a global leader in manufacturing personal computer products. A4 Tech A4Tech NWW-11 an exceptionally strong commitment to develop, for it's within the.

bottom view (click for larger image, 58k). A4Tech NWW inside (click for larger image, 72k) inside (click for larger image, 72k). A4Tech NWW left side.

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