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Hercules budget graphics cards: Last modified Dec It Is Written that the way to get decent performance out of your PC, without spending a fortune, is to buy slightly old technology. Not something that was new five years ago; by now, that'll be a paperweight. More like something that was 3D Prophet II MX PCI one or two years ago. Around that age bracket, you'll find gear that costs much less than it did when it was new, and a similar amount less than the bleeding edge hardware of the moment. But which still isn't hopelessly off the pace. In bang-per-buck terms, one to two year old technology is pretty much invariably much better value than shiny new equipment. Pay, say, a quarter as much; get 3D Prophet II MX PCI as much speed. If you're shopping for game-playing hardware, like 3D-capable video cards, this is an especially sensible strategy.

The latest new and exciting video card can be counted on to beat older gear, sure.

But you can also count on its thrilling new features not being fully used by current software. Nobody develops games for brand new hardware, as a general rule.

That's partly because test hardware isn't available to the developers long enough before the gear hits the streets, 3D Prophet II MX PCI partly because there just aren't enough people who buy a new video card whenever they possibly can. The market isn't big enough. Create a game that doesn't run well unless you've got the latest hardware - which would be a 1.


There's another reason to buy older hardware. You can get more mature drivers for it than come on the CD in the box.

Brand new video cards, in particular, often have driver peculiarities. But if you can just venture forth to the card or chipset manufacturer's Web site and download drivers a year newer than the ones that come in 3D Prophet II MX PCI box, you generally needn't worry. Get the new drivers before you upgrade to the new video card and you don't need to even look at the stock ones. So here are three options for your consideration, in the less-than-totally-new video card department.


That's about a fifth to a third of the current local price of a GeForce3 card. So which one's best, and why? On with the show! The CD's got a couple of game demos on it as well as some slightly crusty old drivers, but the whole disc's still worth approximately nothing. There's nothing wrong with that, mind you.

Hercules 3D Prophet II MX graphics card - GF2 MX - 64 MB Specs

I like simple bundles like this. They don't 3D Prophet II MX PCI you pay for superannuated games you don't necessarily want to play, DVD playback software you're not going to use, colour correction software that's of no use at all to most people, and similar pointless frills. But what are you gonna do. The important question for buyers of a straight-up-and-down video card like this - the Prophet II MX has one VGA output, and that's it - is how it performs.

Hercules 3d Prophet II MX 32mb AGP VGA Video Card

The answer is "quite well for the money, thank you". To work out why this GeForce2 MX card's a good one, but some currently available aren't, you need to know about the three kinds of MX chipset that exist at the moment. Nvidia are crazy for market segmentation. They like to split their chipsets up into differently clocked versions with different RAM 3D Prophet II MX PCI. The only real difference between the and flavours of MX and the original GeForce2 MX - which is still widely available - is the memory architecture. Since nobody makes MX boards with 64 bit SDR RAM, as far as I know, the upshot is that any MX card, at its stock core speed, will give you a little more performance than a 3D Prophet II MX PCI MX in resolutions up to about the by mark.

Though probably not enough to notice.

Hercules 3d Prophet II MX 32mb AGP VGA Video Card for sale online eBay

As the resolution climbs further, the and the original MX level off to be practically identical. There's really not much in it at any resolution, though. Hercules 3D Prophet II MX graphics card - GF2 MX - 64 MB overview and full product 3D Prophet II MX PCI on CNET. Buy Hercules 3D Prophet II MX: Graphics Cards - ✓ FREE Gt Graphic Card - Mhz Core - 2 Gb Ddr3 Sdram - Pci Express X16 "Prod.

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